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Global staff engagement

ESP’s Ambassador Programme encourages people to show their passion for the company, and foster engagement and team spirit across our global teams.

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Well-informed and connected people are vital to our success

At ESP, fostering a sense of connection among our global workforce and ensuring awareness of company activities are top priorities. Our Ambassadors, comprised of dedicated employees from various teams and locations worldwide, are deeply committed to nurturing this connectivity and awareness among our staff, regardless of geographical distance, time zone disparities, or language differences. They strive to unite individuals scattered across the globe into one cohesive team, ensuring everyone feels valued and included.

Communication lies at the heart of our approach at ESP, and our Ambassadors play a crucial role as conduits between our dispersed teams, facilitating feedback and input on matters affecting them directly. With our presence spanning the globe, ESP takes pride in its international reach, aiming for every member of our diverse workforce to feel assured of their significance within our organisation.

Recognising the indispensable contributions of each individual, we acknowledge that every person at ESP plays a vital role in our collective ability to deliver exceptional services to our customers.

ESP Ambassadors teams and locations

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