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ESP wins aviation global service desk and EUC support contract

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IT Support for multiple languages, time zones, and locations around the globe

ESP Global Services has been awarded the global service desk contract for one of the largest aviation services providers.

It has around 45,000 employees in 47 countries and operates in 269 airports. They have grown rapidly through acquisition and have experienced typical IT integration issues that have hindered their ability for transformation and service innovation.

The contract, which consists of global service desk and remote support, on site and on-demand dispatch support, service management, and technical advisory services, enables improvement to the current services and supports their business plans for continued growth while improving the IT services for their global users.

This collaboration has focused on developing a global service solution to add value to their end-user community. Our partnership spans the whole company, bringing together multiple languages, time zones, and locations.

”We are truly excited to have been selected to provide these services. ESP is proud to be recognised for the skills, experience, and flexibility that we can deliver, and we embrace the opportunity to serve as their trusted advisor. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

Head of Global Aviation Services

ESP Global Services