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A lifeline for retailers

ESP helps global retailers navigate the complexities of the festive period


Quick resolution and preventative measures during critical retail periods

24/7 IT support ensures swift resolution

The bustling holiday shopping season brings with it a surge in consumer demand, but for retailers, it also presents a myriad of challenges, particularly in managing IT and Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment. Issues such as system failures, long wait times, and security concerns can significantly impact sales and tarnish the customer experience.

One of the primary advantages of ESP’s 24/7 IT support lies in its ability to address issues promptly. By ensuring a swift resolution to any technical glitches, the service minimises downtime during peak shopping times. Quick issue resolution and preventative measures inherent in 24/7 IT support significantly reduce the financial impact of IT failures. This encompasses additional support costs, and other expenses associated with operational disruptions during critical retail periods.

Over the past year, ESP’s Service Desk provided round the clock support to global retail customers in locations across the world, handling 13,000+ support tickets in seven languages, with onsite technical support carried out by our teams of trained engineers.

ESP tailors its solutions to the specific needs of retailers. This may include customised support plans and proactive maintenance strategies designed to address the unique challenges faced by retailers during the holiday season.

Get in touch to see how we can help you mitigate potential downtime, and improve the customer experience during these busy peak periods.