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Export Champions

ESP is officially an Export Champion

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We have been welcomed into the Department for International Trade’s Exporting is GREAT campaign

This is an incredible initiative that aims to encourage and support UK companies to sell their products and services overseas.

As an Export Champion, we will be inspiring other UK businesses to export by sharing our own success stories and how we overcame the challenges that international exporting presents. ESP is proud to have our roots in the UK, and having the opportunity to work alongside other like-minded organisations goes hand in hand with our core values.

ESP’s global coverage spans more than 120 countries, so we are highly knowledgeable of what it takes to export products and services internationally. Through our registered business locations around the world and our global partner network, we are able to consistently meet the needs of our customers in international locations. As we work with many global organisations, we are truly globally-minded, and use our understanding of statute, language, culture, time zone and currency requirements to localise our services.

“As we embrace our new role as Export Champion, we look forward to inspiring other UK businesses with the know-how and encouragement they need to expand overseas.”

Mike Harling

Chairman, ESP Global Services