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ISO 22301 accreditation

We are pleased to announce that ESP is now ISO 22301 accredited

ESP gains ISO 22301 accreditation

Meeting international standards is an important part of operating a global business

It assures stakeholders that action is being taken to improve, optimise and maintain key systems within the company. The most reliable way to demonstrate the business’s commitment to business continuity is to achieve accreditation.

Here at ESP, we have a robust management system in place to ensure that we are resilient to disruption, and that our reputation, brand, value-creating activities and the interests of our key stakeholders are safeguarded with an effective response strategy. Our commitment to business continuity means that we have just been granted ISO 22301 accreditation – the international standard for a business continuity management system (BCMS).

Our BCMS covers all areas of the business from service desk and logistics processes to project delivery

It outlines the responsibilities of the ESP executive board and team in updating and enforcing our business continuity policies, and defines the principles that support the delivery of these policies – for example, replicating critical IT systems and data using a specialist third-party service, and providing incoming callers with a message advising them of any disruptions to our services.

The ESP team is equipped with detailed guidelines of strategic approaches that should be followed to prevent every type of disruptive situation (for example, a hardware or facilities failure, a shortage of fuel in our fleet of vehicles or the loss of an Internet connection), as well as the potential impact of each. This means that every employee knows exactly what action to take in order to keep the business running smoothly at all times.

ESP gains ISO 22301 accreditation