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ESP gains ISO 27001 accreditation

Information security is of utmost importance to the team here at ESP, and is an issue we are constantly addressing.

ESP gains ISO 27001 Accreditation

With rates of cyber crime continuing to rise, we know that proper storage and protection of personal data is more crucial than ever

Our stakeholders can rest assured that our IT systems and the information they contain are secured to the highest standards – and this is the same whether the clients are based locally or internationally.

In order to show our clients that we follow best practices and implement approved information security procedures, we have gained ISO 27001 accreditation – the international standard for employing an information security management system (ISMS). Following an external audit, ESP’s ISMS was found to be fully compliant with the standard.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is about more than just having the right antivirus software, firewall or user access system in place (though these technologies are still essential!). It is about getting the team involved in establishing plans, strategies and initiatives that will support these technological solutions and improve the business’s ISMS. This means that, should a cyber emergency occur, the ESP team knows exactly how to respond in order to protect valuable information.

What does ISO 27001 accreditation mean for ESP?

Achieving the international standard for our ISMS means that we can demonstrate to stakeholders that our policies and procedures for information security have been approved by an official body. It also enables us to innovate and extend our customer base across the world, in the knowledge that our ISMS can fully handle the growth of the business and will continue to keep our confidential information secure at all times.

ESP gains ISO 27001 Accreditation