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Brand new Wi-Fi surveying service

Unique turnkey installation service now available for customer sites

ESP Global Services launches brand new Wi-Fi surveying service

A new series of Wi-Fi Surveys services, providing a unique turnkey service for customer

Wi-Fi surveying is essential for the planning and design of any new IT installation, and ESP’s new service will deliver a true view of a building, highlighting any problem areas that need to be addressed prior to work taking place.

When delivered alongside ESP’s post-installation 24/7 global support, this new turnkey service is a unique IT solutions offering for the industry.

Three types of survey are being offered, namely: predictive modelling that is carried out virtually, using CAD and building plans to build a 3D model; pre-deployment onsite Wi-Fi design surveys, during which an ESP engineer will visit sites to conduct a so-called access point on a stick survey; and post-deployment/fault finding to optimise sites with a connection already installed.

Delivered using Ekahau’s market-leading site survey pro software tool as well as a spectrum analysis tool, each of these new services will vary in accordance with a customer’s specific network requirements, as well as the type of site being surveyed.

A comprehensive report with supported illustrations identifying access points will be provided, which will include channel settings, power levels, throughput and heatmaps, showing each access point’s coverage area in detail.

It will also inform customers on potential interference issues, and in the case of a fault-finding wireless site survey will include recommendations on how to improve the network.

Meanwhile, a post-implementation survey will confirm the design, allowing proactive decisions to be made on any changes required.