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UN Global Compact

We are excited to announce that ESP has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact

ESP joins the United Nations Global Compact

This is the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative

Highlighting our commitment in areas such as human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Our participation in the UN Global Compact will support us in building on our sustainable business practices, such as our forward-thinking environmental policies, workplace health and safety procedures, positive gender pay gap and commitment to ensuring human rights throughout our supply chain. We look forward to learning from the ideas, solutions and best practices of like-minded businesses and non-business organisations.

What is the UN Global Compact?

The UN Global Compact is a framework of ten principles that companies and groups around the world can align their business operations and strategies with. It was launched in 2000 and now has more than 9,000 business and non-business participants from 135 countries.

Why is the UN Global Compact important for ESP?

As a global IT business with an extensive network of clients and suppliers, it is key that we have policies in place that ensure our supply chain and our part in the overall IT lifecycle is sustainable and does not have a negative impact on wider society. While we have already implemented practices and policies to this effect, the framework will enable us to further integrate such principles into our business functions, strategy, operations and culture.

We are excited and optimistic about the difference we could make through our involvement in the UN Global Compact, so please do watch this space for any future developments!

ESP joins the United Nations Global Compact