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ESP opens Australia operations centre

We are delighted to announce that we have opened a new operations centre in Australia

Australia ESP Operations Centre

Having a local entity in Australia gives us more credibility with our customers in the Asia Pacific region

This will support our Hong Kong office and enable us to manage our contracts across the Asia Pacific region more efficiently, helping us deliver our bespoke IT services with a local feel. Having a local entity in Australia gives us more credibility with our customers in the Asia Pacific region, and is something that many of our aviation clients require.

Being able to operate from strategic locations around the world allows us to seamlessly provide our global customers with consistent levels of service and reliable points of contact. Whether they are looking for onsite or visiting services (or a combination of both), our regional operations centres enable us to deliver our in-region services with better control – with Regional Field Services Managers coordinating our services more efficiently, nurturing client relationships at a local level, and directly managing teams of local ESP engineers.

Streamlining our services in the Asia Pacific region

We already have a great client base in the Asia Pacific region, and we have built up a solid network of local, like-minded partners that have enabled us to extend our reach until the launch of our Australia operations centre. The new centre will bring greater value and control to our suite of services – allowing us to deliver them in accordance with the language, time zone and other nuances of the region.

Our regional operations centres are instrumental in managing our global services and, as ESP continues to expand, we will continue our programme of localisation by setting up centres in even more international locations.

ESP operations centre in Australia