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ESP picks ServiceNow as its service desk management tool

ServiceNow service desk management tool

What is ServiceNow?

Our service desks tie everything together here at ESP, and enable us to track tens of thousands of service calls simultaneously across hundreds of locations.

As we operate in a rapidly changing market, it is vital that we continuously assess and re-evaluate the tools that help us to coordinate this huge task. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have decided to fully implement ServiceNow as our service desk tool.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based, market-leading service management tool that provides an effective, efficient and consistent point of contact for our customers’ service-related issues. It is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use system that allows our global teams to have full visibility of relevant data so they can deliver our services consistently wherever they are.

What does ServiceNow mean for ESP?

ServiceNow is developed to meet the strictest industry requirements, and provides our customers with multiple ways to log and track their service-related issues. Each of our engineers has mobile access to the tool, enabling us to ensure consistency in the delivery of our services.

Our engineers can receive call data in real time, access the technical documents they require, order and track spares, and provide our customers with full visibility of their progress at all times.

Using ServiceNow means that we are able to get new contracts live more efficiently and confidently

This is preferable to having to coordinate multiple service desks to ensure the customer gets the exact service they require. It is built upon a single consolidated platform, and this single-data model significantly simplifies and improves our service delivery.

ServiceNow is very easy to configure, and makes it easy to scale our services to our customers’ needs. We can also help our customers implement their own managed service desk system in order to streamline their business processes and enhance their customer service.

ServiceNow service desk management tool