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Internal Communication Festival

Samantha Medaglia has been selected to present at the 2021 IOIC Festival

ESP presents at the IoIC

This event brings together internal communication professionals to connect, inspire and learn.

Responsible for ESP’s internal communications, Samantha will be presenting an interactive workshop highlighting our successful Ambassador Programme and demonstrating how peer representatives can be an instrumental communication tool in creating connections with our employees.

Using peer ambassadors to drive engagement

Today more than ever, internal communicators are faced with the challenge of bringing people together while simultaneously facing operational adjustments due to the recent pandemic. These adjustments have changed the employee experience and call on us to be flexible in our approaches as we adapt to new norms within our work culture.

This is a great opportunity to evaluate our current engagement practices and adapt them to meet our ever-diversifying workforces, revitalising and refreshing our channels to fit evolving employee needs with open minds, consideration, and understanding.

This case study aims to showcase how to best use peer ambassadors to help identify communication and engagement needs within an organisation, and how to deploy meaningful changes to keep your audience informed, connected, and engaged.

“We are extremely proud of this opportunity to showcase the excellent work that Sam and others have been doing with developing our internal communications strategy.”

Mike Harling

Chairman, ESP Global Services