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Best Use of Technology award

ESP wins Best Use of Technology award at Southern Tech 100

ESP wins Best Use of Technology

Technology is at the heart of what we do here at ESP

We invest heavily in IT to ensure that our customers can efficiently access consistent and tailored IT support quickly, securely and conveniently – from wherever they are in the world, and at whatever time of the day.

As such, we are thrilled to announce that ESP was given the Best Use of Technology award at the prestigious Southern Tech 100 dinner and ceremony in Basingstoke on 8 March 2018! ESP was one of just five winners and was up against other outstanding tech companies in the Best Use of Technology category, so we are incredibly proud to receive the award.

The award is not related to any single achievement. Rather, it acknowledges our ability to deliver robust technology solutions in mission-critical environments, and our introduction of self-developed technology to boost the efficiency of our global services. Such technology includes a bespoke app for our technicians, which was developed in-house; and a self-service tool, which greatly streamlines the process of logging and tracking calls in busy environments.

In light of our new award, we thought it’s time to show you some of our technology solutions.

We are really excited about the prospect of robotic process automation for a number of areas in our business. It has the potential to make the end-user experience even smoother and speed up tasks significantly. We are looking into investing in automation for handling process-driven tasks, such as handling email queues, managing password resets and logging and distributing calls that are received electronically. The technology will greatly speed up these tasks, operate 24/7 and be multilingual, so our customers will benefit from service desk automation, irrespective of location and the time of day.

While we’re still working on AI and automation for our IT service delivery, one technology development that is already in use is our self-developed app for global ESP technicians. As part of our project of localisation, we have ESP engineers based all over the world, who are available to deliver specialist on-site services when needed. They are all equipped with this app. It alerts them if they have been assigned a task, and enables them to enter key task-related data for maximum efficiency. It also assists with the scheduling and allocation of technicians, based on their current location and availability. The app feeds data into multiple systems, ensuring that it is as effective as possible for all ESP staff.

These are just some of the technology developments that we have been working on at ESP

Another technology development that we’re proud of is our self-service tool, ESP Help. This enables end-users to directly troubleshoot typical faults, without requiring a support service. If they want to log a service call with ESP, they can also do this quickly and easily via the tool. It then enables them to follow the progress of their assigned technician, so that they can see when they’ve been dispatched, when they’ve arrived and when the call has been resolved. This is a particularly important tool for end-users in high-pressure locations, where the staff might be working on restricted computers and are not immediately able to make a phone call. In all cases, it significantly speeds up the process of logging a call and resolving an issue.

These are just some of the technology developments that we have been working on at ESP, and for which we were awarded the Best Use of Technology award from Southern Tech 100. That just leaves us to say a big thank you to Southern Tech 100 for our marvellous accolade!

ESP wins Best Use of Technology