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Evolving customer requirements

ESP’s agility and ethos of One Team driving recent successes


Successfully meeting a customer’s requirements should be at the heart of what every business does

Customer requirements are constantly evolving, and as an IT service delivery company we need to be ready and willing to adapt when needed. This is at the core of ESP’s business model; we strive to ensure that, whatever challenges present themselves, the customer retains the best level of service. ESP’s Henry Lake explains how the company’s agility, and overall ethos of One Team, contributed to recent successes.

Successfully meeting a customer’s requirements – however challenging – should be at the heart of what every business does, and of course that’s what drives us here at ESP. That has certainly been more challenging over the last 12 months as the Covid-19 pandemic impacted companies and their requirements have shifted, and we have equally had to adapt.

While the pandemic was an acute example of how important agility is in any business model, it is not new for ESP. This is something that has been at the core of ESP’s way of working and its values over the nearly three decades that it has been operating.

Being able to adapt to different audiences is the cornerstone to ESP’s success

As an IT services provider to many different industries, ESP is well accustomed to providing flexibility for its customers, accommodating customer needs where it can. ESP’s direct and indirect business model requires different approaches to engagement, communication and delivery. Being able to adapt to different audiences is the cornerstone to ESP’s success – whether it is working alongside a global outsourcer or identifying a solution for an end customer.

To effectively deliver a range of requirements, an IT services supplier like ESP must have agility at the core of its business and look to work with numerous partners with varying cultures and ways of working to ensure we achieve successful outcomes. No matter how we are contracted to supply our IT services, what’s unwavering is that the end customer is provided with excellent service.

As a trusted subcontractor to global outsourcers, we often work on many projects where the delivery of large IT projects changes, as does our role. But no matter what IT service model is being utilised, our number one priority always remains the end customer – and our partners recognise this.

End customers are often so impressed with the level of on-site service provided by our expert engineers that they will retain or expand our services, even if the wider outsourcing model is changing. As testament to this – at the end of last year, we were engaged by a new outsourcer to us, when one of our key end customers transitioned from one outsourcer to another.

Staff working

Our capability to adapt to changing environments and build lasting relationships

Typically, outsourcers will use their existing partner network or their own engineers to service new contracts. However, ESP was able to establish a relationship with the new provider and not only maintain the on-site engineering presence, but also extend it with additional resource. Testament once again to our agility, this was all achieved within a month, which was a great endorsement of our ability to illustrate the benefits of working with ESP.

Our capability to adapt to changing environments and build lasting relationships is the result of our willingness to see the bigger picture and deliver on small requirements, which are usually the most important. ESP was able to provide an interim service during the contract negotiation phase, ensuring that the end customer and the engineering team were able to continue delivering support to the end customer with no disruption.

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This is a true testament to ESP’s engineers who go above and beyond

ESP is a business that is willing to work with new partners to ultimately ensure that the end customer receives the IT support that they need, and as this case shows, we can adapt to working with any outsourcer or partner, delivering into their teams and the teams of the customer.

While the business model that we deliver and the adaptability we show is commendable, what truly underpins this success is our engineers. The work ethic they show to our end customers and their diligence to their jobs in this case (and many other cases) is what appealed when entering into a new multi-year agreement.

This is a true testament to ESP’s engineers who go above and beyond on a daily basis for our customers, whoever and wherever they may be in the world.

Services are at the core of everything that we do, and we aim to guarantee that the level of service is the highest it can possibly be, with the customer’s needs being the driving force behind all of the work we provide. Without our committed engineer team, that service delivery would not be possible.