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We are dedicated to providing comprehensive IT support services tailored specifically to the unique needs of retail businesses.

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We know retail!

ESP offers 24/7 tailored IT support services uniquely designed for the retail industry. Our ability lies in our deep understanding of the retail environment, where every minute of system uptime and flawless customer experience counts. We provide proactive, rapid-response support that ensures your Point of Sale (POS) systems, inventory management, and e-commerce platforms run seamlessly. With ESP, you not only get expert IT support but also a partner committed to maximising your sales, ensuring data security, and enhancing the overall retail experience.

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Through a centralised point of contact, we deliver comprehensive incident and service request management, complemented by remote resolutions by our skilled IT service desk professionals, 24/7 in multiple languages.

Flexible support aligned with your schedule

ESP recognises that retail operations vary widely in terms of opening hours and seasonal demands. With decades of experience supporting global retail brands, our IT support services are adaptable to your schedule, accommodating shifts, part-time staff, and the unique needs of individual stores across diverse geographies.

Remote and onsite support

Whether you require assistance remotely or on-site, our dedicated teams are equipped to provide prompt and effective support wherever and whenever needed, ensuring minimal disruption to your retail operations.

Cost-efficient SLA dispatch services

Efficient cost management is essential for retail success. Our SLA dispatch field service is activated only when required, allowing you to maintain control over IT support costs while ensuring top-notch service quality.

Preparedness for peak seasons

Preventative maintenance is key to preparing your retail stores for peak seasons. ESP offers effective maintenance strategies to ensure readiness, coupled with hypercare seasonal support to bolster your operations during periods of increased demand, keeping your business thriving.

Store hardware refresh

Keep your retail infrastructure up-to-date and optimised with ESP’s store hardware refresh projects. From customer displays to payment terminals and barcode scanners, we provide comprehensive support for all your retail IT requirements, ensuring seamless operations.

Responsible recycling and disposal

Sustainability is at the core of our values. ESP offers responsible recycling and disposal services for IT assets, contributing to a greener and more sustainable retail industry.

Asset management and health checks

Proactive asset management is essential for uninterrupted service. Our periodic store health checks and asset audits identify and address issues promptly, ensuring your assets are optimised for peak performance.

Store openings / installation projects

Trust ESP to manage end-to-end store openings and installation projects seamlessly. With our extensive experience serving global retail companies, we ensure every opening is a success, with multilingual support available 24/7 to prevent disruptions to your business.


Front of house requirements:

  • Chip and pin payment terminals
  • Retail client PCs
  • Customer displays
  • Self-scan handsets
  • Barcode scanners
  • Receipt printers
  • Cash drawers
  • Busy shopping malls

Back of house & warehouse requirements:

  • Hand-held terminals
  • Thermal printers
  • Headsets and communications solutions
  • Docking stations
  • Laptops and desktops
  • Office peripherals (copiers, printers, laminators)


Global reach with 24/7 IT Help Desk and onsite IT support teams at airports around the world

We recognise the unique challenges faced by airport retailers in maintaining their IT systems and ensuring the highest levels of customer service. Our airside retail IT support services are designed to meet these demands, providing comprehensive solutions to keep your retail operations running smoothly in complex airport environments.

Airport-based technicians

ESP has experienced teams of fully vetted, badged IT technicians based at airports globally, who understand the complexities of airport retail environments, ready to assist with your self-checkout terminals, kiosks, and other systems.

Store opening and closing support

Our team can assist with the critical tasks of store opening and closing, ensuring that your in-store POS equipment is ready to maximise uptime during operating hours.

Dispatch services

ESP is committed to meeting your SLAs with precision. Our dispatch IT field services ensure timely and efficient support to minimise disruptions and downtime.

Warehouse and fulfilment centres

Our global warehouse and fultilment centres enable us to provide comprehensive support for your retail operation, with seamless logistics and distribution of equipment.

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