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Ekahau partners with ESP

New partnership helps customers build and maintain high-performing Wi-Fi

ESP high performing Wi-Fi

Tools for delivering world-class business Wi-Fi

ESP has partnered with Ekahau, the global leader in solutions for enterprise wireless network design, optimisation and troubleshooting, to offer our customers tools for delivering world-class business Wi-Fi.

Ekahau offerings will enable us to deliver innovation to our customers by helping them quickly identify the best AP placement, manage barriers and disruptors, and limit costly downtime. One of the most critical and costly components of network planning is determining the number of access points (APs) needed and where to put them. Fast, reliable and secure wireless networking is essential to driving business continuity, productivity and user experience.

Ekahau’s accurate, fast, easy-to-use tools will help our customers:

• Easily determine the right number of access points to install.

• Identify the right locations for high-performing Wi-Fi the first time.

• Troubleshoot quickly to keep business running.