Support for daa through the pandemic

ESP flexes services plans to support daa through the COVID-19 pandemic
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“ESP has supported us through the pandemic. Our business relationship and engagement has grown even stronger.”

daa is an Irish commercial airport company that owns and operates Dublin Airport and Cork Airport and has businesses in 15 overseas markets.

ESP has worked with daa to develop the IT services they have needed across both airports, offering a bespoke and flexible service that can adapt to meet new challenges and changes in demand.

our client

IT service desk solution

We operate an IT service desk solution so that daa end-users and airport clients benefit from a single point of contact and support 24/7. We offer daa round-the-clock service management, technical resources, and an IT service desk.

It comprises end-to-end incident, problem, change, and configuration management for the desktop environment, with appropriate response times and the ability to interact with all resolver groups.

As well as implementing our expert IT service desk solution, we have a deskside on-site team available 24/7 at Dublin Airport to provide corporate and operational IT support and provide proactive monitoring for daa-owned and managed IT infrastructure.

ESP supports daa through pandemic

new challenges

ESP provide flexibility as an IT support provider

In addition to the tailored, targeted and integral IT support service that ESP provides, we worked quickly and without question to adapt our engagement when the impact of the pandemic was first identified by daa.

Passenger numbers at their two Irish airports fell by 78% to just 7.9 million in 2020. Due to the significant impact of the pandemic on their business globally, daa looked to ESP to provide rapid adjustments to the services and temporarily reduce their costs until passenger numbers increased again.

esp’s bespoke it solution

Our flexibility allows us to remain committed

ESP proposed a solution that reduced the number of people dedicated to the contract while still providing a level of service to the airport and their users to keep them operational.

The speed of the response from ESP and unconditional offer of support has meant the business relationship and engagement between daa and ESP has grown even stronger.

Our flexibility allows us to remain committed to supporting our customers, meeting any requirements they may have, through any changes they may face.

“ESP has supported us through the pandemic. We genuinely see them as a partner that not only understands the industry, but also the unique challenges COVID-19 has presented. In such difficult circumstances, our business relationship and engagement has grown even stronger.”

Head of IT Service Delivery


another great outcome

daa’s IT is flexible and streamlined across Dublin Airport and Cork Airport

ESP’s introduction of the IT service desk solution was well-received from the very beginning of the project. We are now continuing to grow our service portfolio with daa to help streamline their services.

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