IT support services for Fortune 100 client

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Maximum uptime for end users

The client employs over 100,000 people worldwide and has a revenue of over $35 billion. They innovate and manufacture technologies globally across a wide range of industries. ESP’s outsourcing partner are collaborating with this client to transform their end user estate and experience globally. Over 150,000 end user compute devices are involved in this project, which spans over 550 locations.

As a result of a series of presentations and workshops with the outsource partner, ESP was selected to manage the service transition across EMEA.

IT support services for Fortune 100 client


Reliable and consistent support

Having a trusted support partner was essential to the client’s quest for a robust and consistent IT support solution. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, IT support had to be locally and efficiently provided to end users across 32 countries.

ESP further expanded its global footprint by opening entities in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia to support the customer’s vision and client’s solution. In order to provide a smarter, on-demand service for the customer’s end users, ESP supports IT Tech Bar solution centres at our client’s sites, enabling our IT engineers to provide real-time resolution.

ESP provides a fully managed IT support service across all locations in EMEA, with onsite teams across different sites supported by an EMEA-wide field engineering force. ESP’s onsite engineers manage the client’s full lifecycle of end user compute devices including upgrades, refresh projects, imaging and disposal.


Increase operational efficiency

Working closely with the client, ESP has enabled the customer to increase their operational efficiency by providing flexible global support through a central partner. We have standardised our services, meaning wherever the end user is in the world, they get the same high level of service. We provided end-to-end management of the customer’s incumbent resource transfers in different locations, across multiple countries. We were able to minimise disruption for the client, whilst protecting employees and maintaining compliance with labour laws.

Providing a consistently high level of service enables the client to focus on their core business and ensure maximum uptime for their end users. As part of our convergence layer approach, we perform end user experience surveys and conduct performance reviews on all SLA’s and KPI’s to ensure world-class service.

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