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ESP helps HP refresh Cathay Pacific's hardware on a global scale
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Managed and provided on-site resources for large-scale, highly complex global project

HP, an information technology company, had been tasked with upgrading and deploying more than 10,000 computers across all Cathay Pacific’s locations (covering 44 countries and over 12,000 users). It had just a year in which to do so, and had to ensure the end-users did not experience any downtime during that period.

HP had to make sure IT service was consistent across Cathay Pacific – with a solution that can handle multiple locations, varying internet speeds, different office sizes, and various types of hardware and software. HP asked ESP to help coordinate the global project with professional services that would ensure Cathay Pacific could continue to operate smoothly while its IT was being upgraded.

esp’s bespoke it solution

Offering our professional services

In order to meet HP’s requirements and efficiently manage the large-scale, highly complex project, we implemented project teams in the UK and Hong Kong where Cathay Pacific has some 7,000 users.

We designed and implemented a multi-pronged, multi-team programme that enabled us to deliver the project in line with HP’s plan. HP managed the images, while we managed the project and provided the necessary on-site resources.

ESP helps HP Cathay Pacific global hardware


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