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Staff retention

Shared company values prove key to ensuring staff retention

Shared company values ensuring staff retention

Staff retention is a challenge that all recruiters have to contend with

Justin Jamieson, Head of Recruitment at ESP, discusses a new approach to recruitment rolled out at the company, that considers a person’s values in addition to their qualifications.

Staff retention is a challenge that all recruiters have to contend with, and a common theme that arises when analysing why people quickly leave a role is their fit with the profile or culture of the particular company.

High staff turnovers can be costly in terms of both financial and time investment, so it is essential that the correct fit of candidate is selected from the beginning, bringing a higher chance of ensuring that they will remain in their new roles for longer.

Losing staff members does not only impact investments made by the company in those individuals, it also affects team morale within the existing workforce of employees are coming and going, so staff retention is important on many different levels.

Of course, a prospective employee has to fit the job profile in terms of experience and qualifications, but it is just as important that they share the same values as the company if they are to have a fruitful career within a firm.

We are a people-focused company and want a person’s personality to be part of the selection criteria for recruitment

At ESP we have been working to identify a set of core values that we believe should be shared by each and every employee for them to be successful, which we are now seeking in candidates that are shortlisted for interviews.

We are a people-focused company, and want a person’s personality and behaviours to be part of the selection criteria for recruitment, and likewise, we want a candidate to be able to determine ahead of working at ESP if it is the right environment and culture for them, because interviews need to be two-way conversations.

Five values are at ESP’s core and should be held by everybody who works for us. ESP employees are: approachable; collaborative; passionate; honest; and respectful.

We want to help develop people at ESP, this new values-based approach will ensure that we can do it

Our interview questions have been developed to incorporate these values, as well as presenting scenarios to candidates to assess their behaviours and response to potential situations. The questions have been adapted for different roles across the company including for the different management levels, but this new approach is likely to have the most benefit in entry-level roles where retention tends to be the most challenging.

In turn, these candidates will gain the most from this approach, secure in the knowledge that they are selecting the most suitable company for them to start their careers with. We want to help develop people at ESP, and are confident that this new values-based approach will be the best way to ensure that we can do just that.

We are still exploring ways in which we can develop this process further

Since we rolled out this new approach at the end of 2019, we have seen a notable reduction in leavers, showing that this new method is working.

In support of the initial success of this initiative, we are still exploring ways in which we can develop this process further, and will be updating the interview questions accordingly and adding new technical tests where appropriate for certain job roles.

The feedback from this values-based work carried out by ESP so far has been really reassuring, and it has been a great start in implementing this initiative.

“We want people to be happy at work and feel like they are a key part of the larger, global team, so ensuring that everybody shares these same core values will be imperative to ensuring that the ESP workforce is content and that each employee has a similar outlook to their peers.”

Justin Jamieson

Head of Recruitment, ESP Global Services