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ESP is constantly developing to enhance our products and services.

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ESP has a programme of continuous investment in product enhancements and improved process flows to accommodate the ever increasing complexities of delivering effective services globally.

  • Enhancing the uniformity of our products, ensuring they are repeatable, transferable and consistent.
  • Increasing the service value chain through product innovations that provide additional features and improved service for our customers.
  • Self-help data visualisation tools to present data in the way in which our customers want to see it, giving them multi-dimensional information about how their assets are performing.
  • Intelligence driven frontends to accommodate highly dispersed people, such as language, time zone, public holidays, working week and working hour restrictions.
  • IT Help Desk located in key regional locations operating identical systems with a common core, providing natural language contact in multiple languages.
  • Natural language processing to handle routine and repeatable contact with service desk and AI routing of service calls to the most appropriate technicians.
  • Automation of common requests using robotic process automation to swiftly resolve the most common issues, augmented by a local language self-help system.
  • Automatic routing of self-help service calls to the closest technician without additional intervention.

ESP AirportNow

The ultimate service management solution built on the ServiceNow platform, designed by ESP specifically for airports.


Leveraging over three decades of expertise in supporting Airport IT infrastructure, we have developed a comprehensive service suite built upon the industry leading ServiceNow platform, enhanced with our proprietary applications, launched as our new product, AirportNow.

ESP Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal is your ultimate solution for streamlined 24/7 service management.

Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal serves as a centralised hub for all ESP suppliers, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency across the board. 


ESP’s innovations in service are revolutionising support operations, ensuring prompt response and resolution to IT infrastructure and equipment failures, thereby minimising disruptions to the customer experience. Leveraging a combination of proprietary tools and custom applications developed in-house, ESP utilises advanced technologies such as natural language processing to swiftly detect and route equipment failures to the appropriate response teams. This seamless integration enables remote resolution of issues or dispatch of skilled technicians to address problems on-site, enhancing operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

ESP is developing of a dynamic resourcing model that optimises resource allocation and skills availability in complex environments. This innovative approach ensures that fluctuating demands, whether daily, monthly, or annually, are effectively managed. By harnessing AI capabilities, ESP anticipates and adapts to changing operational needs, further streamlining processes and enhancing overall performance. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, ESP continues to lead the way in transforming IT support operations through cutting-edge technology and proactive service support solutions.

ESP help
ESP ada
ESP tempo


ESP help

ESP help – available on Desktop and Mobile

ESP help – Desktop is ESP’s custom one-stop app that is loaded on your staff’s PC for them to quickly and efficiently report IT issues that are impacting their service.

The ESP Help – Mobile application, available on iOS and Android, provides an intuitive barcode-scanning interface to quickly identify the affected device, and report the issue to the nearest technician.


How does it work?

ESP help enables airport staff to:

  • Report an IT issue quickly, for speedy rectification by an technician;
  • Receive prompt feedback on the technician’s estimated time of arrival;
  • Make well-informed decisions on how best to mitigate the impact of the fault – for example, whether they should move to a different location.
ESP help toolset

Improved passenger experience

Experience shows that airport staff spend an average of 3-5 minutes on the telephone each time they need to report an IT issue. This results in valuable time taken away from their primary duties and delays their ability to offer alternative solutions to passengers’ needs.

By using ESP Help, IT issues can be reported in less than 1 minute, without needing to take the airport staff’s full attention away from their customer service obligations.

In the fast-paced environment of an airport, this provides tangible productivity benefits for the airport staff, as well as an improved experience for passengers, by reducing impact to their journey through the airport.


ESP ada

Visualisation of data

We gather a huge amount of data from our service activities that we need to present to our customers in an effective way.

ESP ada (Advanced Data Analytics) is a powerful platform for understanding and visualising incident activity within a location that’s recorded by ServiceNow, supporting self-service analysis.

From reviewing basic trends through to multi-dimensional, multi-modal analysis, ESP ada can provide you with access to greater insights from the rich data that ServiceNow makes available.



ESP ada is integrated into the ServiceNow platform, providing near real-time interactive visualisation of your incident activity, to support the identification of trends, potential problems or more general continual improvement opportunities. ESP ada provides a greater level of understanding of the activity across your location.

ESP ada heatmap


ESP ada

Management of our global workforce

Our direct workforce is made up globally from direct employees, contractors and contingent workers. Each person needs to be assigned to a work roster, their progress be tracked and their remuneration (shift allowance, time sheets, etc.) be processed.



ESP tempo is a self-developed, bespoke workforce management solution that supports all aspects of our business: scheduling (automated and auto-populating rosters, regional variations), time clocking (shift start and stop through convenient interfaces, exception alerting, geofencing), time sheeting (customer reports, payroll integration, auto-approvals), absence management (holiday, sickness, shift swaps).

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