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Experts in providing global multilingual IT Help Desk solutions to a range of customers across the world, managed onsite or remotely.

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For companies looking to build efficiency, technical know-how and resilience into their IT help desk

ESP’s global IT Help Desk gives you access to around-the-clock, high performing, multilingual assistance, ensuring a dependable single point of contact for your end users. Powered by ServiceNow, our ITSM framework is meticulously designed to monitor, control, and document your IT operations in alignment with ITIL v4 best practices, providing a solid foundation for success.

Embracing the principle of service ownership, ESP addresses any IT challenges faced by end users head-on. Through a centralised point of contact, we deliver comprehensive incident and service request management, complemented by remote resolutions by our skilled IT service desk professionals. Whether collaborating with onsite support technicians, in-house resolver teams, or affiliated suppliers, we ensure seamless support delivery tailored to your unique needs.

As specialists in ITSM transition management, we offer adaptable support models that empower you to maintain a competitive edge by directing your resources, energy, and workforce towards your core business priorities. With over two decades of experience in delivering service desks, ESP knows how to deliver a robust and predictable support operation.

ESP IT Help Desk support

Investment in people, processes and technology

In today’s consumer-driven world, personalised experiences and automation are the norm. ESP brings these principles to the workplace, fostering a more productive workforce through our investment in people, processes, and technology. Our Global IT Help Desk connects employees with support and information, empowering them with the aim to increase satisfaction with their overall IT experience.


ESP HOSTED – IT Help Desk from our state-of-the-art regional centres

ESP provides all of your IT help desk needs from our state-of-the-art regional centres located in the time zone you require and the languages your users need.

ON-SITE – An in-house IT Help Desk from your organisation’s own premises

ESP delivers the same quality of service on-site in your organisation, either using your toolset or our own.

HYBRID – IT Help Desk from a combination of our centres and yours

A combination of ESP service centres and customer on-site support to deliver what you need on a flexible scale.

ESP hosted

Experience the benefits of ESP’s IT Help Desk without the overheads of internal management. Our scalable in-house function, operated from regional service centres, ensures you benefit from our ongoing investment in people, processes, and technology. Certified technical, operational, and service staff deliver service excellence, managing resources efficiently, including shift coverage and leave arrangements.

By leveraging a portion of our first and/or second line support capacity, you can reallocate key roles and time back to your organisation for high-value tasks. Our remote agents seamlessly integrate with your IT team, handling incidents and service requests with the same dedication as if they were part of your in-house team. We employ orchestration, robotic process automation, and machine learning to drive operational efficiencies.

Our cost-effective and highly flexible service is supported by stringent SLAs and continual service improvement mechanisms.

On-site dedicated

ESP delivers the same quality of service on-site as a dedicated team exclusively focused on your account, either remotely from our IT service centres or embedded within your own team at your sites. Whether you need first and second line agents or a full team with expertise across various ITIL disciplines, we tailor resources to meet your needs.

Our dedicated resources, seconded to you for the contract duration, become specialists in supporting your environment, fostering strong service relationships with users. We handle training, professional development, and provide access to backfill support from our broader IT technical support pool. Our rota system ensures continuity, with site-aware cover staff familiar with your environment, ready to assist during absences.


  • Single point of contact for all IT inquiries, service requests, and incidents
  • Incorporating ITIL best practices across all service management areas
  • Utilising integrated automation and orchestration technologies to expedite resolution times
  • Accessing our knowledge base, self-service portal, and integrated collaboration tools
  • Straightforward engagement options, ranging from per-ticket/user costs to full-time equivalents on our dedicated desks


  • We understand your environment, devices, applications, and preferences
  • Reactive support from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection
  • Our system retains a history of your previous interactions for streamlined support
  • We provide a simple, straightforward, and centralised interface accessible across multiple device types
  • Accessible service, technical, and organisation-specific information from anywhere, enabling staff to focus on their tasks
  • Undertake common self-service tasks without needing to engage a service desk agent


ESP’s IT Help Desk epitomises global support excellence, offering services in seven official languages alongside additional local language variations. Spanning across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, our diverse teams ensure that our customers receive assistance in their preferred language, no matter their location. We maintain a single, high standard of service across our regional hubs, delivering global support with a local touch. Our multilingual teams provide prompt and effective support, ensuring a seamless experience tailored to each customer’s needs. With ESP’s IT Help Desk, language is never a barrier, and our customers receive consistent, high-quality service wherever they are.

Our IT Help Desk is available in the following languages:


English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi

Global support with a local feel

ESP global IT support regional centres


Aviation customer

“Our new in-house IT Help Desk fulfilled by ESP was implemented very well, and transition of all existing help desk numbers to a new unified number was seamless. They met, and generally exceeded, all agreed SLAs. Feedback from the business is that this new IT service is excellent and appreciated.”

Group Head of Information Systems, Aviation customer

UK Charity

“They helped us out immensely during that period as we all adapted to the new way of working, and a supplier only truly proves themselves in challenging times; it’s very easy to provide a good service when everything’s working as it should be.”

Director of IT, UK Charity


“ESP has supported us through the pandemic. We genuinely see them as a partner that not only understands the industry, but also the unique challenges COVID-19 has presented. In such difficult circumstances, our business relationship and engagement has grown even stronger.”

Head of IT Service Delivery, daa


Track, manage and support your activity

With our fully or partly managed services, you won’t have to worry about relying on or investing in internal expertise to keep your IT systems functioning correctly. Our IT Help Desk solutions provide a customisable user interface with real-time fault tracking and workflow automation. Underpinned by easy-to-access and full-visibility reporting, all services we deliver have continuous improvement and system evolution at their core. We help you leverage technology to reduce budgets and increase the efficiency of your company’s operations.

“ESP is a very dynamic organisation, which I enjoy immensely. As part of the IT Help Desk team, we are responsible for managing customer expectations, setting organisational standards for customer engagement, and providing customer support. I am passionate about delighting our customers and building a cohesive team to meet their expectations.”

Dianne Bissoon

Global Service Desk Manager, ESP Global Services, Trinidad

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